Beyond the Baton Conducting Workshop

Diane Wittry's workshop addresses a huge gap in the training of conductors--not only how to get the job, but how to DO the job!  It is run in a very organized yet relaxed atmosphere with in-depth coverage of the topics from the accompanying book.  Yes, one could merely read the book and still benefit, but it's in the interactions between the participants and Ms. Wittry that gives this seminar its value.  This should be a one-semester course in all graduate conducting programs. 

As a result of my participation, I have upgraded my resume and press packet, landed a new conducting position, successfully negotiated a new contract, and completely revamped the organization of my community orchestra. All this because someone was willing to share their experiences in the hopes of empowering other conductors.

Gregory Woodbridge

Music Director and Conductor

The York Youth Symphony Orchestra

The Central Pennsylvania Symphony

I attended the "Beyond the Baton" seminar with Diane Wittry and the Norwalk Symphony this past June. During this three day intense weekend I learned what it takes on being a successful conductor - everything from preparing a press kit, planning a season program, to preparing for a phone interview. Diane was very open to teaching us all and her enthusiasm was infectious throughout. Working with members of the Norwalk  Symphony was also a thrill because you learned from the players point of view on what they are seeing and how we can become more clear, and ultimately more useful for them.  I highly recommend this workshop to any serious conductor who wants to learn the ins and outs of this profession and better them selves as a musician.  

Stephen Czarkowski

Board of Directors, Conductors Guild

Music Director, Montgomery College Orchestra

Conductor, Governors Honors Program Orchestra, GA

The Beyond the Baton Workshop truly went beyond my expectations.  I left with tools to be a more effective Music Director in my current position, as well as tools to be a stronger candidate for future job opportunities.  Finally an expert in the field is sharing her best practices for success both on and off the podium-- I highly recommend this workshop!

Dana Mambourg Zimbric
Music Director and Conductor
The Classics Philharmonic
San Diego, CA


Diane Wittry is a fantastic teacher who offers exactly the advice you need to reach the next level in your career.  She shares her knowledge in such a generous and positive way that you can't help but move forward.

         Akiko Fujimoto

         Assistant Conductor

         San Antonio Symphony



Beyond the Baton - What every conductor needs to know

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