Beyond the Baton Conducting Workshop


What Every Conductor Needs to Know

By Diane Wittry


Prologue: So – You Want to Be a Conductor? It Starts With You!

Chapter 1: Preparing for Success
                  Musical Training
                  Character Development
                  Choosing the Path

Chapter 2: Path to the Podium
                  Interview: Leonard Slatkin National Symphony
                  Interview: Robert Spano Atlanta Symphony
                  Interview: JoAnn Falletta Buffalo Philharmonic

Chapter 3: Your First Job
                  Getting the Job
                  Negotiating the Contract
                  First Year – Do’s and Don’ts
                  Getting Organized

Chapter 4: Artistic Leadership
                  Understanding Leadership
                  Steps to Becoming a Successful Leader
                  Thoughts about Artistic Vision

Chapter 5: Artistic Programming
                  Subscription Concert Programming
                  Thematic Programming
                  Pops Programming
                  Educational and Family Programs
                  The Overall Concert Experience

Chapter 6: The People Factor
                  Working with People
                  Implementing the Artistic Plan
                  (working with the: Librarian, Personnel Manager, Education Staff; Operations/Stage Crew;                   and Guest Artists)
                  The Music Director’s Role with the Board
                  Union and Orchestra Relations
                  Rehearsal Techniques
                  Developing Your Network

Chapter 7: Funding the Artistic Vision
                  Getting to Know the Numbers
                  The Music Director’s Role in Fundraising
                  Creating a Visible Presence in the Community

Chapter 8: Closing Thoughts
                  Keeping Your Competitive Edge
                  Leaving a Legacy


Music Contacts
        Networking Organizations
        Directories, Magazines, and Journals
        Internet Resources and Forums
        Artist Managers

Music Sources
        Standard Music Publishers
        Pops Music Publishers
        Library Special Collections

Training and Development
        Festivals and Master Classes
        Conducting Competitions
        Grants and Residencies

Programming Resources
        Thematic Programming
        Encore Lists
        Audition Repertoire Lists

Sample Contracts and Résumé
        Music Director Job Posting
        Music Director Job Description
        Sample Guest Conducting Contract
        Sample Music Director Contract
        Sample Résumé

Recommended Reading
        Music Books
        Leadership Books
        Organizational Books



Beyond the Baton - What every conductor needs to know

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